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Our Mission and Philosophy

Choosing the right dentist to restore or renew your smile is the single most important decision to make to ensure you receive a beautiful new smile. That is why we will spend considerable time getting to know each other and trying to learn what you want dentally, not just today, but what you want in the future. You may never have given serious thought to what you want in the years ahead, but unless you do, you cannot know what you want now.

Our office has refined our philosophy of care, and what we believe our mission to be. We have transitioned from patchwork/repair-oriented dentistry to a philosophy of ideal optimal health and wellness. In years past, we spent most of our time patching, scraping, drilling, and filling. Although we provided good repair service, it seemed something was missing. We observed many patients who later returned with more gum disease and tooth decay. In spite of our diligent efforts, some dental patients were not getting healthier.

Most dental offices are repair centers that focus on a short-term fix. Patients often become frustrated and disillusioned about what dentistry can do for them. We believe in treatment that will last many years longer than silver or plastic fillings.

We learned our frustration was not due to lack of interest or dedication, but rather a failure to focus on education, motivation, nutritional counseling and behavior change. We learned convincingly that health is directly related to the patient’s active participation.

All of these things are possible in this office. But first, it takes careful planning and encouraging our patient to take care of themselves. The extent to which you understand your mouth determines your ability to plan your future. Therefore, we try to get you to establish long range dental goals. This simply means we set a future objective or goals that we both agree upon and begin working toward them. That is why we encourage our dental care related patients to take responsibility and take care of themselves. This is essential for a happy and economical future. Mutual trust comes from complete understanding.

People tell us they want to be comfortable, attractive, able to chew, healthy, pain-free, and to keep all their teeth for life. People want freedom from the dentist. Working together we can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime!